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First edition of Ecork's online fishing rod making tournament!

October 1st, 2022

Description of the event:

The first edition of this tournament will be a non-profit event so that all our customers and supporters can participate without having to pay any money. Due to all circumstances worldwide, it was decided that at least the first edition of this event will be held online through the social network most used by our supporters, Facebook.

So that there is no doubt about the winners of the tournament, the 3 winners (first, second and third place) will be decided by all participants and personnel outside the tournament. As already mentioned, there will be 3 winners, who will receive a significant prize that will be announced shortly both here on our website and through our social networks.

We hope everyone has fun with this tournament, it was an event designed so that everyone could show a little bit of themselves being amateurs or experienced professionals and have fun doing what they love most!

May the best win and may everyone have fun, improve and discover new techniques!

Participation method:

So that there are no doubts or problems in the future, the winners will be decided by all participants and personnel outside the tournament.

All participants will have to post a photograph of their fishing rod for participation, in a group created by us and published by us in the future.

As we are a cork products company, all participating fishing rods must contain some type of cork (natural, burl or agglomerated).

Each person can participate with as many photographs as they want. The 3 winners will be chosen through whoever has the highest number of likes in the photo.

These 3 winners will be contacted by facebook once the tournament deadline is over and the winners are decided.

This competition will start on the 1st of October, until then the prizes for the 3 winners and the group in which the photographs of the participants will be placed will be announced.

The same person can not be the winner of the first, second or third consecutive awards, only one of them.

Date of the event:

October 1st - January 1st

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